NASHIA Washington Weekly: DoD announces TBI research initiatives

The Department of Defense (DoD) just announced two separate research initiatives specifically designed for Traumatic Brain Injury research. The first is a new DoD/VA collaborative effort to better understand TBI as a chronic issue, Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) Award. As such, it is creating a new publically funded consortium of researchers to focus on that issue. Applicants
will include group researchers working at a variety of VA sites, all operating under the coordination of one entity to better develop treatment for TBI survivors. The Consortium Objectives:

. To determine whether there is a causative effect of chronic mTBI/concussion on neurodegenerative
disease and other comorbidities.

3. To identify diagnostic and prognostic indicators of neurodegenerative disease and other comorbidities
associated with mTBI/concussion.


To develop and advance
methods to treat and rehabilitate chronic neurodegenerative disease and comorbid
effects of mTBI/concussion.




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more information
go to:



Independent of this
project, DoD has also announced a new behavioral health program related to the
link between TBI and PTSD. DoD and VA have authorized up to $45 million to
create a separate consortium to dedicate effort to the identification,
collection, storage, and use of clinically

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relevant biomarkers to advance
diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of PTSD. The structure of the two consortia
are exactly the same and are focused on the research aspect of developing new
treatments, rather than the service or care administration side. For more
information go to:

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