Mattoch’s TBI Experts Team

Ian Mattoch knows that we live in a time where insurance companies approve treatment plans based on expenditures and unachievable goals versus the recommendations made by a treating physician.

Although hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on lifesaving techniques to keep a catastrophic brain injured person alive, insurance companies hesitate to approve payment for basic physical, cognitive and speech therapies that maximize rehabilitation outcomes for the person who has survived the traumatic brain injury.  In many cases, treatment is cut-off before an attending physician has the opportunity to fully diagnose and treat the catastrophically brain injured person.

Ian Mattoch knows that a person who has a traumatic brain injury needs a team of experts. These experts might be called to justify the appropriateness or reasonableness of treatment a client may have received. This invaluable opinions may be used in appeal of denial of insurance benefits for payment of treatment of accident related injuries. Experts may be needed to testify on a client’s behalf in depositions, arbitrations, mediations and/or trial. Ian Mattoch knows that it is imperitive to have experts that can be relied upon to establish causation and to offer treatment recommendations.  It is the experts that work with life care planners to predict medical, rehabilitation, equipment and attendant care needs over the lifetime of a person with a traumatic brain injury.

Over the years, Ian Mattoch has developed relationships with a team of medical professionals that specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of persons with a traumatic brain injury.  These medical professionals are regarded by their peers as leaders in their individual fields of medicine (i.e. neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychology, neuroradiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation).  Each one of these medical professionals has clinical experience as well as academic appointments.  Many of these medical professionals are involved in on-going cutting-edge brain research.  Many of these medical professionals only testify for a few select attorneys that specialize in representing clients with a traumatic brain injury.

These impeccable credentials make the opinions and testimony of the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s TBI Experts Team irrefutable.