Experience, knowledge and resources are what set apart the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch from other personal injury law firms.

In a catastrophic traumatic brain injury case, Ian has expended resources to retain investigators, engineers, human factors and accident reconstruction experts to hone in on liability issues. Resources have been expended to fund the purchase of exemplar vehicles to reconstruct an accident. In addition, resources were utilized to develop state-of-the-art presentations to demonstrate liability issues.  

In representation of a person with a traumatic brain injury, Ian has retained medical experts to examine clients in order to make treatment and rehabilitation recommendations.  Ian has used resources to provide an early neuropsychological tests to provide baseline data on the cognitive impairments following a traumatic brain injury.  A nurse case manager has been assigned to provide education and advocacy for clients with severe traumatic brain injury and their family.  A videographer has also been called to document a client’s recovery. This journey from hospital through community reintegration is used to demonstrate a “day in the life” of a person recovering from a traumatic brain injury.  A very small sample of our videographer’s work is presented in the opening montage and the client testimonials posted on this website.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has found that expenditure of resources immediately following the injury can provide a person with a severe brain injury guidance and advocacy during their recovery. In addition, resources expended during the investigation of liability issues early on in representation is key to documenting and collecting valuable evidence that might be used during settlement negotiations, mediation, and/or trial. Lastly, resources expended even after settlement is achieved for clients with a catastrophic brain injury is proof of his commitment.

If you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic brain injury, contact the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch.