Accident Reconstruction

In cases involving catastrophic injuries, the liability issues can be just as complex as the medical issues. 

Over the years, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has established relationships with experts in the areas of engineering, automotive design, workplace safety, human factors, ocean safety, hydrology, metallurgy (materials), construction, highway design, toxicology and other forensic sciences.  These experts piece together evidence and provide invaluable written reports, deposition testimony and trial testimony.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch hired an expert to reconstruct an accident that involved a high school student who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury when he was struck by a tow truck.  The law firm obtained permits to close a portion of Wilder Avenue, hired an actor, and rented an exemplar tow truck and school bus. A photographer was hired to document the accident reconstruction. With the exemplar vehicles on the subject roadway, one could easily see that the tow truck driver’s side view mirror extended over the centerline of Wilder Avenue as it traveled in the center most lane.  When the actor’s head passed the plane of the back of a bus stopped in traffic, the expert was able to clearly demonstrate how the high school student was struck with just the mirror of the tow truck. This physical demonstration immediately dispelled the belief that the high school student had darted out in front of the tow truck.

In another case, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch purchased an exemplar vehicle for a metallurgist to crush.  It was this measurement of exact force that was needed to crush a specific part of the vehicle to complete a computer simulation to demonstrate how a multi-vehicle accident occurred.

Last year, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch hired contractors to frame a wall to visualize the correct way to construct, lift and anchor a wall safely.  By having an exemplar wall constructed, our experts were also able to weigh the exemplar wall.  The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch was also able to demonstrate in concrete terms all of the safety hazards specific to the subject worksite that led to the wall falling on its client when the spotters on each end of the wall left him holding the massive wood framing by himself.

When choosing an attorney, you want to make sure that your attorney is not only willing to go the extra mile in investigating all aspects of the liability in a case, but is also willing to utilize state-of-the-art methods to demonstrate and communicate how an accident occurred.

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