Choosing a TBI Lawyer

CHOOSING A TBI Lawyer: Law Offices of Ian L. Mattoch

When choosing an attorney to represent someone that has a traumatic brain injury, you want an attorney that has the knowledge, experience and resources to fiercly represent their client.  Ian Mattoch has built his reputation on having the foresight, relationships and resources to hire experts that determine how an accident occureed, pinpoint the mechanism of injury and predict likely outcomes of recovery.  Ian has the resources to reconstruct accidents in a manner that will resolve all liability issues in the minds of insurance adjusters, their attorneys, and jurors.  Ian has proven over and over again that he has the innate ability to put a face to the claim which instantly connects an insurance adjuster, defense attorney or juror to the impact an accident has had on the life of the injured person and their family.   Lastly, Ian is committed in advocating for each of his clients who have sustained a catastrophic injury throughout legal representation and beyond settlement to ensure that all needs of his clients are met.

Neurotrauma Advocate
Through the representation of clients with traumatic brain injury, Ian became involved with the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii serving as legal counsel and treasurer in the past.  Currently, Ian is President of the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii’s Board of Directors.  This association with the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii over the years has added to his knowledge of traumatic brain injury, gold standards in treatment and rehabilition, identifying resources and understanding the needs of this specific population.  Ian also currently serves on the State of Hawaii’s Neurotrauma Advisory Board, to which he was appointed by the director of the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health. For more about the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch, the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii, the Brain Injury Association of America, and the State of Hawaii’s Neurotrama Advisory Board, click on these individual links.

In a client survey, our firm’s results indicated high marks in client satisfaction regarding case resolution and with services provided. 96% of the respondents indicated that they would recommend our law firm to an injured friend and/or family member. Further, 99% of the respondents indicated that they felt that the firm’s staff conducted themselves professionally, courteously, and with a sense of Aloha.


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