Attorney Woody Igou presents “Cognitive Reserve and TBI Litigation”

Attorney Woody Igou will be presenting a paper “Cognitive Reserve and TBI Litigation” tomorrow, September 16th at the 24th Annual North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS) Conference in New Orleans, LA. 

Mr. Igou writes:  “The term “cognitive reserve” has been around for approximately twenty years. Only more recently, however, has it become a concept that can be useful to the TBI litigator. Not only will a loss of cognitive reserve through TBI make your client more susceptible to a future of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, but it will cause this neuropathology to start at a much earlier age. Defense attorneys and IME physicians are not generally prepared to defend a case over loss of cognitive reserve, and they often do not realize the immense future medical costs it can generate until it is too late. For these reasons, the concept should be utilized in every case of objective brain injury and should be part of every TBI case valuation.”

The program for this NABIS conference can be viewed by clicking here.

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